Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way

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Jan 10, 2013
2:39 AM EDT
Or maybe I'm just an old codger who is stuck in his ways. Sure, I know that Rexx has powered a few WindowsNT applications, more AmigaOS applications, and many IBM mainframe applications. But, javascript powering the Linux desktop? What about javascript's inherently insecure nature?

Quoting:Microsoft has even made it the official language of Windows 8 with their HTML5 based ‘Silverlight’ framework ...

[sarcasm] Well, I'm sold now. After all, who has more foresight concerning the world wide web than Redmond? [/sarcasm]

And I thought Microsoft was killing Silverlight. Or, is this framework different from the video technology?


Jan 10, 2013
4:32 AM EDT
Citation may be needed but Microsoft re-tooled Silverlight as a HTML5 based solution, its also the main applications framework for the Windows Phone platform too . Silverlight was never just a video solution but an interactive media container, much like flash :)

The insecurity comes from exposing the entire OS to the same API available on the web, it's the equivalent of being able to remotely run C++ functions in the browser, unchecked (give or take). The browser provides a sandboxed environment which allows the javascript code found in pages to be run without affecting the greater system, this (potentially) removes that layer of security.

And while not the last word in foresight, Microsoft's desktop offerings represent the largest install base on the desktop, so changing out their native applications framework for a scripted one, which is javascript based no less, is a ballsy move and represents the relative maturity of the technology :) Hope that clears things up a little.

Jan 10, 2013
2:35 PM EDT
Quoting:Hope that clears things up a little.

Yes, it does. Thanks, Patrick. I'm still not convinced on the javascript implementation, though. However, you've looked at the OS.js desktop and I haven't. Maybe that's the difference.

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