Goggle must not pay a cent !

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Jan 12, 2013
12:59 PM EDT
These companies are paid by their customers with whom they have a business contract for internet data transfer. Google has no contract with these companies. Google may and should boycott them, by ignoring them in its search results. This is foul play, more of a racket than business. Why don't they block traffic to Google/YouTube/DailyMotion if they feel these companies must pay them ? And if there are a lot of phone calls from France to one foreign company, would that company become taxable ? Many Frenchies are proud to visit New York, yes very proud; would the air transport companies request money from the city of New York ? Delirium, delirium, completely crazy !


Jan 12, 2013
7:30 PM EDT
Yes Google should boycott these ISPs. This Is extortion and the Companies concerned Should be Prosecuted for what in other circumstances (you or me doing the same thing) would be considered a criminal act.

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