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Story: Now Microsoft 'actively investigates' Surface slab jailbreak toolTotal Replies: 1
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Jan 14, 2013
6:39 PM EDT
What is still not clear to me, in spite of all the verbage, is why any technically literate or competent person would actually bother buying a Windows RT device. I can understand technically illiterate people succumbing to the advertising, but I don't see what earthly use the device is to someone who actually understands or values the ability to install and run any software they choose. Am I missing something here?

Jan 14, 2013
8:27 PM EDT
My best guess? Two things:

1) the attachable (detachable?) keyboard-in-a-cover. . . But at that price, it's ridiculous. Both parts are overpriced (for that much cash, the buyer's choice of one - or even both - of those two keyboard models should darn well be included).

2) And (going by the TV adverts) MS was hoping to market the "cool" factor to carry that price-point, the way Apple has managed to do (easier said than done). These were aimed at an Apple-y market niche (Apple type "cool" for the non arts-y, non black turtleneck, business and Sci/Eng crowd?).

Maybe they could have pulled it off -- with the right help and real commitment (but they don't seem to have had either).

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