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Jan 25, 2013
5:03 PM EDT
Oracle used to partner with Red Hat. Then they took Red Hat's enterprise distro, tweaked the kernal a bit, slapped their own name on it, and went into direct competition with Red Hat's core business. I have to wonder if this is just a little bit of payback. If so, it couldn't happen to a more deserving company.

Jan 25, 2013
5:50 PM EDT
@caitlyn This isn't payback. MySQL has a lot of maintenance problems that makes life difficult for Fedora volunteer maintainers and this has no connection to Red Hat or even Oracle on the whole. This proposal is just a targeted way of solving the problems with MySQL as a project including hidden bugs and test cases and unresponsiveness from upstream developers.

Oracle/MySQL upstream has now offered to maintain MySQL in Fedora so we will see how this goes.

Jan 25, 2013
6:06 PM EDT
I think you have to understand why, considering the history here, I might speculate as I did. FWIW, I still don't trust Oracle. Of course, the Fedora Project won't really have a choice if the enterprise vendor wants MySQL supported.

Jan 25, 2013
9:32 PM EDT
I think the media has started viewing a lot of what is technical through "corporate influence" eye which makes it difficult to just discuss changes directly. While there is sufficient reason to suspect what you did in this case, atleast as far Red Hat is concerned, it doesn't really push a coherent top-level agenda via Fedora. Most if not all changes are driven by developers involved.

Quoting, Remi Collet in Fedora devel list

"So, a few questions ?

- why do you publish "community" source tarball with non GPL documentation inside ?

We need to recreate a "nodocs" tarball for each version, nightmare

Ex : mysql, mysql-workbench, ...

For MW we even need to patch source to remove the local link to the non GPL documentation (and use online documentation instead)


Ex mysql-utilities:

- why do you forget to publish tarball of new release

- why I need to ask on ML on each new release and wait 1-2 weeks ?

- why "mut" man page still install when this have been notified 1 year ago to upstream (the command is not installed) ?

- why "mysqluc" command still totally broken / unusable despite this have been notified months ago ?

See gui-tools@lists.mysql.com archives.

- if you don't like fork of MySQL, why do you fork other projects ? MW include a forked version of vsqlite++ (and AFAIK, upstream is not aware of your changes / need)

And this are only few recent examples...

> We'll try to do better in the future.

Yes, you really need to improve how you consider pakage maintainer.


P.S. who have signed the Oracle CLA, and try to work with upstream as much as possible... but when upstream don't seems to hear you..." "

So those are just some of the concerns.

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