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Jan 29, 2013
11:31 AM EDT
Our strategy includes giving carriers and manufacturers ways of delivering services in conjunction with us -- we plan to give them more influence.

More cr@pware, more lockdown. Might as well go iOS. At least that is lockdown sans the cr@p.

Jan 30, 2013
12:46 AM EDT
Hope you don't use anything Android if you feel that way r_a_trip

The truth of the matter is that the ENTIRE mobile market is a sh#t hole freedom/software wise.


Jan 30, 2013
1:01 AM EDT
Personally the idea of an Ubuntu phone which would integrate seamlessly with a Linux desktop would be appealing to me. While I have doubts that Canonical can get a true foothold in the mobile market I hope it happens.

Jan 30, 2013
7:51 AM EDT
Hope you don't use anything Android if you feel that way r_a_trip

Incidentally, I'm on an android phone, but it certainly isn't running Samsung's Touchwizz. CyanogenMod removes most of the headaches, but yes, while Android is the most open platform, it is extremely far from ideal.

Giving carriers and manufacturers more leeway with Ubuntu Phone will probably make it worse than Android right now. Canonical better think it thoroughly through what they want Ubuntu Phone to be and take appropriate measures. If they just build it and then let the barbarians, sorry mobile business partners, lose on it, I'm afraid of the monsters it might produce.

Jan 30, 2013
9:59 AM EDT
It generally seems like if you want an uncluttered phone, you have to root and reflash it to an alternative firmware or buy a developer aimed unlocked version (usually at somewhat of a premium price). The phone I have right now belongs to the company I work for, so there is no altering the base system (of course the upside is there is also no bill).

Jan 30, 2013
2:45 PM EDT
I've stuck with Blackberry so far. If I felt that I could get a FOSS phone I probably would try it. As Jeff points out the Android implementations I've seen are anything but free. Blackberry 10 looks very promising indeed, as in some unique features and all the security Blackberry is known for. I honestly hope it succeeds in the marketplace. If we're going to have close software phones let's at least have plenty of competition.

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