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Feb 02, 2013
4:18 AM EDT
Everything starts to look like a nail.

This guy hasn't grown or changed in the last two years since he "reviewed" Bodhi. If an operating system doesn't ship with flash player, closed source media drivers, a fat stack of applications and Window file shares software built in it MUST be a steaming pile.

Don't buy a screw and then get upset and give it a bad review because you were expecting a nail. It was advertised as a screw.

That being said, there are GUIs for networking on the live CD - they just don't load by default because they aren't needed to install. If he had looked around a bit (or read the FAQ) he'd know exactly where to find what he was looking for.

Also - I'm not sure what he did to his start up applications, but Bodhi only uses around 1/3 of the RAM he quotes at start up on a stock system. With LXTerminal and Gnome System Monitor load still just over 100MB -> http://www.enlightenment.org/ss/e-510cca23de5d22.24947628.jp...


Feb 02, 2013
4:57 AM EDT
Dark Duck syndrome, n.: describes a person's habit of compulsively booting various Linux and BSD systems while painstakingly avoiding to read any documentation and at the same time writing extensive blog articles about the outcome where pretty much everyone except the author is to blame for a choice collection of remaining rough edges.

Feb 02, 2013
9:52 AM EDT
Idiotic review.

The guy spends most of his time complaining about aesthetics and ease of use. That isn't the Bodhi target audience. If these things concern you install Mint instead. Bodhi to me seems like a distro for people who want a snappy gui on pedestrian hardware; don't want kludge and are willing to RTFM. As Jeff says: Read the product description you moron.

The Monty Python video is really the pits. Petulance isn't admirable in anyone.

Feb 02, 2013
10:55 AM EDT
> The guy spends most of his time complaining about aesthetics and ease of use.

Both of which are extremely subjective matters.

Feb 02, 2013
1:19 PM EDT
He may also be making the 32bit vs 64bit mistake I have nearly 2 identical machines same MB, CPU & Graphics card one is running Linux Mint 14 XFCE 32 bit and the other the 64 bit version. The 32 bit version comes in at a 130Mb at cold start and the 64bit comes in at 235Mb on a cold start with exactly the same stuff running.

64bit will always use more ram usually in the order of 100mb more so if you are concerned about ram requirements dont use the 64 bit version of anything, if you have oodles of ram then knock yourself out otherwise you me be better running 32bit if < 4gb ram. He is running 64 bit and I would be impressed if he could get below 190mb usage without making many compromises in functionality even using lxde or enlightenment.

Its all down to how stack is handled, more info here http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2010/07/01/the-reasons...

So when I see low ram usage quotes, they usually turn out to be running 32 bit systems and I would lay good money down the image of ram usage that Jeff posted is a 32 bit system.

Jeff you could also knock another 8-11 mb of the figures you posted as gnome-system-monitor takes up that much ram :)

Best I ever managed was LXDE on 32 bit LMDE tweaked to 92MB ram usage on cold start.

As to the review it seems mostly just subjective stuff and as far as im aware the Bodhi target audience is someone who is already familiar with Linux and wants to try something different and not the user who expects everything done for him.

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