Is this a good idea?

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Feb 04, 2013
9:16 PM EDT
Enquiring minds want to know.

(Despite my limited background, I find myself somewhat sceptical, that this is really a good way to go).

Feb 04, 2013
9:30 PM EDT
Sure. Bash and python are old hat. Just ask the Gnome developers. They'll tell ya.

Feb 04, 2013
10:01 PM EDT
IMO it's not the language that matters as much as what they do with it. In other words, it's time to feel sorry for JavaScript.

Feb 04, 2013
10:13 PM EDT
Javascript's object model is different from other languages, and so presents the GNOME developers with unique problems to be solved. How about that as the reason.

Feb 04, 2013
11:24 PM EDT
Quoting:In other words, it's time to feel sorry for JavaScript.

Hopefully! 8^))

Feb 05, 2013
9:14 AM EDT
As HTML5 becomes more prominent JavaScript does make a lot of sense when it comes to creating GUI based applications. It also lends itself quite well to Cloud computing.

Feb 05, 2013
11:45 AM EDT
@tc --

I refuse to feel sorry for javascript. It has kicked me in the butt more than a few times and now -- now you don't even really exactly completely write javascript. You use jquery or jWhatzat? or jWhatever.

Bad javascript. OK, bad javascript writer.

Sure, it's a fine language that is now getting server side love with things like node.js and meteor, but...

Bad language! Shame on you. Why do you dump binary poops all over my page? Go to your cage and stay there until you can behave yourself.

What? Sigh. Just make the dog move over.

Feb 05, 2013
3:49 PM EDT

Stop personifying. It's embarrassing to Mr. Dignity.

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