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Feb 10, 2013
4:59 AM EDT
Quoting:Is this ideal? No. As far as I'm concerned Secure Boot is far more about locking people into Windows than it is about security. For now, though, fixes like these are Linux's only viable options.

We've already been talking about this at:

However, SJVN expresses exactly how I personally feel about the Secure Boot add-on forced onto UEFI by Microsoft. From my very simplistic perspective, all I see is a rat being steadily cornered by Linux and its various distros, applications and hardware......and it is now at the stage where anything goes to preserve the cash flows and the Redmond company software that generates it. Fascinating to watch though.

Feb 10, 2013
11:46 AM EDT
@rid --

I wish you would be more considerate of people who must work in rat-infested little cubbies, huddled in the dark and the dank where polite society need not be bothered by our existence.

It's not so bad most of the time. My little buddies have become like pets with bad hair and fleas, but this:

Quoting:all I see is a rat being steadily cornered by Linux

has got them hopping mad. They read Lxer right along with me. They know all about Microsoft. They are pissed and I fear they will take it out on me.

Be forwarned: If I come down with the plague, I'll be looking for you.


Feb 10, 2013
4:29 PM EDT
O Dino.......I am just ooooozing with sympathy.......suggestions: kerosene baths, flea powder, insecticide sprays - and if all else fails, sledgehammers for use on their contaminated hardware. And if ever you descend upon this sunny Australian state, I'd be delighted to shake flippers and share a friendly fish or three because I don't think penguins suffer from plague.....

Feb 10, 2013
6:13 PM EDT
> I wish you would be more considerate of people who must work in rat-infested little cubbies,

Dino, I have several stray cats on my property that would be happy to help you with this problem. Free for pickup. :)

Feb 11, 2013
11:17 AM EDT
Ferrets also find rats tasty. A little flea powder, some crunchies, some toys and everyone is happy except the rats.

Feb 11, 2013
7:21 PM EDT
Hey! Rats are OK.

(As long as they keep out of my house).

Think about iy, they're smart, sociable, rather clever problem-solvers, and very, very adaptable -- they're good at exploiting opportunities and savvy about avoiding danger. And when pushed they'll fight very nasty.

The only problem with rats is that they're warm-blooded omnivores: they like to eat what we like to eat (and may consider ours), and like to live where we like to live.(and may consider ours). And they also catch some of the same infectious diseases that we do (but somehow, we don't consider those "ours", but "theirs").

In short, the main problem with rats is -- they're too much like us.

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