Is this author kidding?!?

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Feb 21, 2013
8:04 PM EDT
Um, Microsoft IS using its Secure Boot "thingie" to monopolize the desktop by mandating secure boot be enabled by OEMs in order for them to obtain Windows 8 certification. And yes, while in theory it is possible to disable secure boot, users either can't figure out the myriad confusing steps, or the option is not offered by some firmware. Lots of people are blaming UEFI for not letting them boot various Linux distributions because, duh, one can't in fact boot a Linux distribution with UEFI enabled unless said distribution has implemented one of the workaround public keys (e.g., Shim bootloader or the like.) I think the recent spate of bricked Samsung notebooks attests to this fact. This delusional author needs to stop pretending that the sky isn't blue and wake up to the reality that Microsoft's UEFI shenanigans are nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to cement its substandard Windows offering on the fading desktop and prevent other (possibly BETTER) open source alternatives from taking root and flourishing there in the wake the disaster that is Windows 8's touch-centric desktop.

Feb 21, 2013
9:53 PM EDT
Of course, Linux advocates / UEFI Secure Boot critics were saying all along that Microsoft was mandating (via it's Windows 8 Hardware Certification and Logo programs) half-assed Secure Boot implementations that would make life arbitrarily difficult for anyone wanting to put an alternative (ie. non Windows) OS on consumer-grade hardware. And that an important factor in this cynical ploy was the known, habitual OEM laziness and "inattention" in implementing anything that doesn't prevent Windows from running.

And now we see that even hardware that doesn't actually implement the explicit (supposedly "MANDATORY") W8HC provisions to enable loading alternatives to Windows 8, still, nonetheless, "somehow" manages to receive that certification anyways (and consequently also the MS "marketing support" and other incentives).

Is it too soon to say, "Told you so"?

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