X will still be with us

Story: Linux Mint “Not in the Business of Picking Winners”, Continues With XorgTotal Replies: 1
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Mar 09, 2013
1:06 AM EDT
All of this nonsense about X going away is brought to us by the gamers and cell-phone advocates. I work with with engineering and scientific workstations. I also regularly login to European systems from our shop to see that the graphic results we get here are consistent with their results. Try doing that without X. Different things work for different problems. Many network graphics issues basically require X and it isn't going away until someone comes up with a better solution. Wayland and Mir are not it.

Mar 09, 2013
2:51 PM EDT
I'm very much open to new display technologies. Let's see what these developers come up with.

I imagine that Red Hat will continue pursuing Wayland while Ubuntu/Canonical will turn its attention to Mir.

Working code talks.

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