GNOME Will Move Full-Speed With Wayland Support

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Mar 14, 2013
1:11 AM EDT
And castigate, berate and denigrate all users who stand in their way. They've been at it since 2008, but now it's full speed ahead. Damn the torpedos! We're on a mission!

Mar 14, 2013
5:47 PM EDT
I'm seeing Wile E. Coyote sailing off the cliff....again............

Mar 14, 2013
5:52 PM EDT
You mean this Coyote :-)


Mar 15, 2013
12:33 AM EDT
LMAO. Yes Fettoosh, that works :)

Mar 16, 2013
3:57 AM EDT
I've found a desktop that I dislike more than GNOME 3 shell, it's Windows 8 The desktop that used to be Metro. I've just set up, as in walked through the initialisation procedure for Windows 8, for a friend's daughter, who has to have Windows for school, and I can truthfully say it's worse than GNOME 3 shell... Looks pretty though.

Mar 16, 2013
8:52 AM EDT
@tc - Did you set her system to allow booting into a useful OS, too?

Mar 16, 2013
5:40 PM EDT
I'm not sure, I didn't get a chance (It actually took twice as long as installing Linux from CD) to look I'll check that out next time I'm there. There machine is a Samsung with Intel i5 CPU, so in principle it can be done. The girl was a bit disappointed i might not be able to put Linux on it, as she is quite used to Linux - her mother uses Mageia (that another friend installed for her) on her Asus.

The desktop that used to Metro isn't difficult to use once you work it out - it does require moving the mouse into the top right hand corner of the screen to get a menu to pop out from the right hand side - it's quite anti intuitive, and the girl and her mother would have taken ages to work that out.

It doesn't automagically add items to the menu (which is that silly tile thing not a proper menu or even something as sensible as the Unity Dash - which I also find gets in my way) when you install them - I installed Firefox for her. "gotta have the Fox" she said, and i didn't argue. I had to delve into the filesystem, and locate the install directory for firefox, something most people probably wouldn't understand and therefore not do, and therefore would assume FF didn't install or "something" - I see it as yet another way of keeping people away from stuff Microsoft doesn't want people using, but can't legally stop.

At the moment she's happy enough, as she can talk to her friends on Facebook.

I have to go back as her mother still doesn't quite get that her photo uploads, to facebook, are failing because she's uploading way too many photos at full camera resolution at one time, so I've got to teach her how to reduce the size of the photos.

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