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Mar 15, 2013
3:52 PM EDT
I thought he was just lazy when he complains Bodhi blows because it lacks flash, java, and other applications he lacks by default (never mind this is by design).

Now I'm beginning to think he might just be stupid.

Instead of compiling E from source, installing from the PPA or booting up a Bodhi live disc. He decides to post a "review" of E17 using a build that is months (possibly year[s]) old.

Not much to be done about it, haters are going to hate. I'm glad I read the comments on the article though - this one made me laugh:

"Admit it you are just trying to piss of Hoogland"


Mar 18, 2013
8:39 AM EDT
Crom, that's funny!

Mar 18, 2013
1:52 PM EDT
"Here, hold this rock. And whatever you do, don't throw it at that hornets' nest over there."

Some people refuse to learn.

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