Agreed, now let's move on.

Story: Dispelling FUD About UbuntuTotal Replies: 3
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Mar 21, 2013
12:29 PM EDT
So the author doesn't use Unity, the desktop of Ubuntu's flagship distro, and is "...loving my experiences with openSUSE 12.3."

Then goes on to say:
Quoting:... let's instead consider thanking the development team for their hard work at helping to grow the Linux community as a whole.

I agree, now, let's move on to another distro that doesn't only have its self interests in mind.

Mar 21, 2013
1:12 PM EDT
Question: Why do we have so many distros?

Answer: Because!!!

Mar 21, 2013
6:03 PM EDT

Why do we have so many car makes and models?

Mar 21, 2013
9:06 PM EDT
Because Henry Ford made a mistake sticking to the T Model only?

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