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Apr 06, 2013
9:32 AM EDT
Let's face it, most people don't purchase an iPhone because of its technical specifications. Most people purchase iPhones because currently, it's the "cool" thing to do. iPhones are hip, they're pretty, they're the in thing. It doesn't matter that Apple products are roughly twice as expensive as their non-Apple counterparts while also being significantly underpowered spec wise versus non-Apple hardware. This is true of phones, tablets, laptops and desktops; all anyone has to do is compare for themselves. Moreover, Apple devotees are apparently perfectly happy to cede near full control of their device to Apple. Apple, not the user, decides what can and cannot be run on the device. While Android and non-Apple devices enjoy a plethora of extras like microSD memory expansion, HDMI output ports and open source firmware and software options, Apple devices are firmly locked under penalty of death. Smart people recognize Apple for the controlling monopoly wannabe that it is but smart people know better when it comes to choosing smartphones, tablets and other hardware. Go ahead and wait in line for days to get that shiny new overpriced iPhone. I'll be happy to pop into my local carrier's shop and get a much cheaper Android with twice as many features any day.

Apr 06, 2013
9:54 AM EDT
> It doesn't matter that Apple products are roughly twice as expensive as their non-Apple counterparts...

Actually, if you deal with a major vendor like AT&T, and sign a two year contract, you can pick any of an Android, Windows, or iPhone 4 for $0.99. So most people never see the cost difference. It's subsumed into the cost of the contract, which is the same no matter which phone you get.


Apr 06, 2013
1:35 PM EDT
@ jdixon

Yeah, and that's semantics. It doesn't change the facts that I wrote.

Apr 07, 2013
3:08 AM EDT
I am no apologist for Apple - but I don't think the twice as expensive story is uniformly true. If you take the Mac Mini for instance, you find it hard or impossible to match the spec at the price. To get a usable machine you have to replace the OS, but that is quite possible. The new Intel tiny device ends up being the same price at no more than a comparable spec.

The real pricing problem with Apple is not that you can match any given Apple product with a similar one for less. You generally cannot save a lot doing that.

The problem is that for any given NEED you can match that need for half the Apple price, because of the restricted number of product points. Also some of the bundlings are a bit weird, the choice of graphics cards used to be very strange matches to the rest of the machine.

The lockin point is well taken. And maybe with the iPad the half price point is closer to the truth. If you look at the Nook, its half the price, admittedly with less functionality, but as a reader or web device its fully the equal of the iPad. Maybe phones are similar, don't know. But its not really true with computers, at least not as stated.

Apr 07, 2013
4:12 PM EDT
The Nook Color can be rooted and flashed with a full Android Jelly Bean,... So arguments about reduced functionality don't hold much water... Just Saying ...

Apr 09, 2013
10:37 PM EDT
The drop is 2%, which is likely within the margin of error of the survey. Android still has the majority share. I see a sensational headline which does amount to FUD and Apple cheerleading if you read between the lines. The real meaning here? I'm not sure I see any.

Apr 10, 2013
8:32 AM EDT
Not only that,... but the headline could also be spun thus-ly, "Windows Phone gains as Android Loses Market Share,..." Based on the numbers, it would technically be accurate. Of course it's still within the margin of error...

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