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Apr 17, 2013
5:41 AM EDT
A whole "article" to bring about public shaming of a rude commenter. Don't know if that is more or less attractive than being rude online. Classy it is not.

Apr 17, 2013
11:42 AM EDT
Well... when you host a blog and these flamefests erupt -- and the same user(s) take over the comment section with their bickering, foul language, etc. -- I think it's entirely appropriate for the blog owner to do this. You don't necessarily want to ban them from the site but you do want them to clean up their act. If the miscreants can't comply, then I hope he kicks them off.

Apr 18, 2013
3:35 AM EDT
There was some mild flaming, but the blog owner himself wasn't on the high ground either. I don't think throwing rocks in a glass house is the appropriate reaction to this. Whatever happened to a personal message?

Apr 18, 2013
3:52 AM EDT
Yeah r_a, and calling Fabian a troll is reaching a bit. He's hot headed, and that's part of what makes the Linux Outlaws podcast amusing, and certainly had it turned up to 11 here, but troll? Not really. no.

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