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Apr 24, 2013
3:33 AM EDT
It starts out reasonably well, but about halfway in the piece they start to subtly bring out the bugbears of "no throat to choke" and "no one knows where the code came from". It's a very subtle FUD piece.

After more than 30 years of Free and Open Source Software, the process of its creation and the auditability are known. Which FOSS project, that has any relevance, doesn't have a VCS and a structured commit process? I'd wager that FOSS developers are more acutely aware of IP traps than this article implies.

This piece is written for the companies who, after 20 years of success in the FOSS world, still don't see its merrits. We'll see how well they fare when other companies, who do use FOSS to their competitive advantage, surpass them.

Apr 24, 2013
11:43 AM EDT
look at the survivors of the bubble. Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.

They all based their infrastructure on open source. When profits are margin thin (when not non-existent), costs need to be even thinner.

All of those companies that built their infrastructure on Solaris and Oracle, where are they now? If their business strategy was to increase costs with little or no hope for a commensurate gain in profits it's no wonder that they went out of business.

If your stock holders think the companies' job is to make money for the stockholders, use open source. If the stockholders think the companies' job is to make money for Oracle or Microsoft, use Oracle or Microsoft.

This is not a hard decision to make. That's why all that is left is FUD to fight against it.

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