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Apr 26, 2013
8:55 AM EDT
I'd find this story truly hilarious if it wasn't so maddening. Krita support? Kinda like military intelligence. It doesn't exist.

As an amateur artist and calligrapher, I would be glad to use Krita. Unfortunately, I don't know how. Sure, my distro of Slackware comes with Krita installed, but try and find some documentation on the program. Fat chance. There is a pitifully incomplete online manual, but most pages apologize for not being there. Worse, they give the excuse of being in the process of udating from an earlier manual, which apparently exists nowhere! There are no 3rd party Krita instructional books. Honest. Tell me the name of one single Krita book. As if.....

There's supposedly an officially endorsed training DVD, but it's sold out. I've seen cuts from it. So poorly done, it's pretty much useless. Screen out of focus, narrator has such a heavy accent, can't understand a word. Supposedly a newer one coming, but like the never finished manuals, not completed, yet.

In short, Krita is jes about the most UN-supported program I've ever run across in. Artist may make good programmers, but they totally suck at documentation.

Apr 26, 2013
10:17 AM EDT
This is the first that I had even heard of Krita,... I checked out some screenshots. It doesn't look hard to use, and seems like it's got a real niche in producing pastel-like effects. Personally, I've never been too impressed with documentation on KDE projects. So, I'm not surprised if support has been lacking.

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