ubuntu is the devil

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Apr 28, 2013
4:16 AM EDT
This reads like a pseudo-communistic propaganda skreed, with shuttleworth in the role of the evil exploitive captialist. Open source is not a political philosophy, it is a practical one that empowers individuals, and is not enslaved to a 'concensus of the community'. The GPL does not empower drones, nor does it subjugate them. If you dont like Ubuntu, go elsewhere, roll your own, change it. Open source makes that not only possible but easy. Don't chain your own hands, and writhe about in your filth by ranting and demonizing people who exercise the same freedoms that are granted you.

Apr 28, 2013
12:09 PM EDT
My guess is there's a reason why the Dman hasta post his own tripe, mainly cuz no one else will. The words flood forth, yet he says nothing of worth. I suppose Linus Torvalds, Patrick Volkerding, and Theo de Raadt, all dictators of the first order, have contributed nothing worthwhile with their "elitist" methods. What nonsense. The only thing I get out of yet another piece off the Dman blather blotter, he doesn't like Mark Shuttleworth, hardly a singular point of view. Heck, I don't like screwbuntu, either, but I don't rant on about it. I jes don't use it. Simple how that works.

Apr 30, 2013
1:13 AM EDT
Ubuntu isn't the devil. Honest. It's just one of the devil's minions.

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