Why Not Wireless?

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May 11, 2013
9:42 AM EDT
I am really puzzled why most SBCs come with Ethernet and no wireless already on board. is it cost? It is really awkward to have very small devices with bulky wire dangling from them.

The only one I have seen with wireless is new the BeagleBone Board Black

Oops, that one doesn't have it either.


May 11, 2013
3:24 PM EDT
That's no problem. Jes plug in a USB wifi dongle. What I wanna know is, if the thing is "released", where can I buy one and for how much. I'm so sick of these vaporware releases. All press and no product.

May 11, 2013
5:14 PM EDT
Quoting:That's no problem. Jes plug in a USB wifi dongle.

I know Bob, but I just dislike the bulky Ethernet socket on such a small SOC.

It is not available as of now, but you can get it soon from multiple places like adafruit including power supply, wireless USB, breadboard, and other neat stuff

Edited: Here is a goody : USB Wireless

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