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Jul 18, 2013
8:32 AM EDT
I acutally think there will be a good market for these devices. Not everybody who plays games is a die hard gamer.

I am colourblind so I find it very difficult to play first person shooters which seem to dominate the market for the major consoles. My choice of gaming is usually something along the lines of LA Noire or FIFA (although to me the ball is the same colour as the grass when there is snow so I always play for a Spanish team as it doesn't snow there).

I find Android games quite engaging because the emphasis is on gameplay and not necessarily on graphics and this is the way it used to be.

£40 for a brand new XBOX game which I will probably have to be online to play or £0.99 for an Android game I can keep for the life of the device (and if there is added storage forever).

With the introduction of full screen Android gaming the game makers will begin to develop for that market and so the games will get better.

I will be buying one of these devices. Anyone for Stick Cricket or Stick Football. Great gameplay with very ordinary graphics.

Jul 18, 2013
1:54 PM EDT
Have an Ouya,... was a Kickstarter backer... Took them forever to get them into the hands of the Kickstarter contributors,... Right now there's very little available on it, but it DOES have huge potential (multimedia front end, etc.)...

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