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Aug 05, 2013
9:18 AM EDT
"Mainline" or "plug-in", what is difference?

So long as "ssh -Y" continues to seamlessly display remote GUI applications locally, I'm happy.

Too bad "they" didn't continue the naming convention and call it "Ywindows"

Aug 05, 2013
4:08 PM EDT
The author seems to miss the fact that both Wayland and Mir are local graphics display systems. To do network graphics Wayland was designed from the start to include an X layer for that purpose. I suspect Mir has a similar layer. As long as developers do that I don't see a problem. They can keep both the gamers and network people happy. The media are generating a lot of smoke to no purpose except hits.

Aug 12, 2013
12:33 PM EDT
The only smoke that is legitimate is that Canonical is unnecessarily adding another graphics server that may or may not work properly with everything else out there. They are essentially taking a page from MS, Apple & even Google, in putting their interests before the community on who's work they have built their projects...

Aug 12, 2013
1:03 PM EDT
Agreed, Jase.

Aug 14, 2013
1:36 AM EDT
I also agree with JaseP. I wish they had put their resources behind Wayland instead.

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