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Story: The Five Best Distros Based on Ubuntu: Where is Linux Mint?Total Replies: 4
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Aug 05, 2013
4:12 PM EDT
Catchy title but it seems to me that this blog is all over the place with the baboontu fanbois' attempts burying Mint, and the blended-in other subjects of the games and the apps.


Aug 07, 2013
3:17 PM EDT
It does seem odd doesn't it, One of the points a comment poster made saying that Mint was omitted because it relies on graphics acceleration doesn't seem right either just use the XFCE version which runs just great on my ancient system.

In fact I would make an educated guess that the XFCE version of Linux Mint (Ubuntu) was brought back into existence after originally being dumped partly for this very reason.

Of course I could be completely wrong as usual.

Aug 07, 2013
4:17 PM EDT
This review is an idiotic missive of an Ubuntu fanboi who goes along with the crowd with Ubuntu, in spite of its myriad unpopular decisions regarding the direction of the distro. Leaving out the most popular Ubuntu derivative, Linux Mint, which is renowned for its ease-of-use and community driven development, while mentioning such lesser known and awkward distros like Bodhi was an outrageous and ridiculous ploy. This guy is just like a lemming following the crowd over the cliff to its death.

Aug 07, 2013
4:29 PM EDT
> ...such lesser known and awkward distros like Bodhi ...

OK, I will grant the lesser known, but how exactly is Bodhi awkward? I've never used the distro, but I have tried out Enlightenment a few times over the years, and I didn't find it awkward to use.

Aug 10, 2013
6:49 AM EDT
Bodhi is not awkward. I do find enlightenment awkward though; yet Bodhi has a good implementation of it. Enlightenment just does some weird things in my eye.

People have there cup of tea, and in the end we all have that to differentiate ourselves; our opinions create our individuality.

I too find it odd that mint is not included in a best Ubuntu derivative review there are some who would say it is more popular than Ubuntu itself including the credible distro watch. This is a best and not a popular review so it really is up to the reviewer. With no sources of his findings it is nothing but an opinion.

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