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Sep 30, 2013
2:44 PM EDT
I have never been able to get the new version to work successfully. Regardless, it is now closed source, which means only ongoing problems as it is unlikely that NoMachine will keep up with every distro version and variation. The really sad news is that the NX 3 open source is on the edge of being unmaintainable.

NX was a very nice low bandwidth X implementation... it's sad to see it all falling apart.

I don't like the alternatives out there either.... so it is truly a sad thing...

Oct 01, 2013
2:11 AM EDT
i never got any version to work. somehow it didn't seem to integrate with unix user management and didn't allow me to log in with the user i already had on the machine. i didn't try very hard though.

i am sticking to commandline tools as my alternative. not for everyone, i know...

greetings, eMBee.

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