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Oct 21, 2013
10:16 AM EDT
the Ubuntu project has made a great stride for the overall betterment of Linux, and no one can deny that

I'll give them copious credit for the first 5 years of their existence, but I refuse to applaud the last four years, in which the concept of Ubuntu (humanity towards others) was swept aside for commercial monetization concerns. The way Canonical handled that transition (from mostly community oriented towards hardball for profit, corporately lead) is highly dissapointing.

Oct 21, 2013
4:41 PM EDT
The rise in popularity of distros like Linux Mint are directly attributable to recent improvements made in Ubuntu. So while Ubuntu may be losing some of its fan base, other distros based on Ubuntu are seeing an increase in loyal end users. In that regard, they have improved the quality of many other distros.

But r_a_trip is correct. One of the main "selling" points in switching to Linux is to get away from the huge money-grubbing corporate mentality. When you take profit out of the equation, all you are left with is a drive for excellence.

Oct 21, 2013
5:47 PM EDT
Quoting:drive for excellence

Which is what makes Linux a pleasure to use. Indeed, Linux is so easy, I've lost all sympathy for the masses who keep throwing good money after bad (how many weeks pass before Windows users must pay someone to salvage their systems, again?).

BTW, for all the naysaying about Ubuntu, it's still leap years ahead of the 2 (mis)leading proprietary OSs. For that reason alone, I'm happy to cut Canonical plenty of slack.

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