Story: Cinnamon Desktop: Breaks with GNOME, finds beefed-up NemoTotal Replies: 2
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Oct 29, 2013
5:22 PM EDT
I upgraded recently and it appears to be a big improvement with regard to smoothness and efficiency as well as configurability. They have also cleaned up some annoying features of nautilus in the new nemo. Gnome 3 as it should have been.

Looks like Clem et al. are really throwing down the gauntlet to gnome here. Isn't open source great!

Oct 30, 2013
9:43 AM EDT
Yeah, and just wait 1.5 - 2 mos. when Clem's LM "Petra" comes out and its positive reviews -- w/ Cinnamon -or- Mate -- overtake the current FLOOD of Baboontu fanbois' be-all-end-all reviews and screenshots of THEIR fave distro!! Mind you, STILL lists LM as kicking the popularity-pants way off of $huttleworthtoomuch's distro and its variant offshoots-du-jour!


Oct 30, 2013
6:06 PM EDT
I just wish they did not abandon KDE and XFCE on LMDE. Fortunately, SolydXK picked up the slack, and has proven to be a much better product in terms of timely updates.

Someday Cinnamon may be worth me taking another good look, but I don't see that happening as long as LMDE is the unfavored child of the Mint family.

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