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Nov 27, 2013
9:46 AM EDT
I would be vary curious to see how a hybrid (1T) drive compares against relatively similar but non-hybrid 1T drive of recent make that also comes with a 64m ram caching controller. This is the one essential question this benchmark set does not even offer. Instead we are shown that this 1T hybrid drive is much faster than 4 year old lower density (160g and 320g) sata drives with also much smaller ram cache and older controllers, and yet much slower than "real" ssd drives. Duh. However there is nothing in this benchmark which demonstrates whether the 8g ssd cache even offers any real benefit whatsoever over a comparable non-hybrid sata drive, which is the real question that clearly should have been asked. This makes the whole exercise rather meaningless and really a waste of time to even read. I am sorry now that I did so.


Nov 27, 2013
8:18 PM EDT
That's an interesting point, on dyfet's part.

Is anybody here qualified to expand on that?

Nov 28, 2013
5:50 AM EDT
I mean this most sincerely "Dyfet", I do not mean to give offence, but your last two sentences above are rather strange. First of all, I agree with make some extremely interesting and quite telling points and I think they are very worth pursuing - definitely !! Nevertheless, to say: "This makes the whole exercise rather meaningless and really a waste of time to even read. I am sorry now that I did so." is kind of like a "non sequitur". Put it this way: if you hadn't read Michael Larrabee's article, you would not be able to give us your very interesting critique - and as a non-technical person, even I understood the points you were making.

Why not see if you can contact Michael and find out for all of us if there is a valid reason for what he did, and whether he intends to take his testing into the areas you are concerned about. I, for one, would be quite interested to see those results.

Later Postscript: I have been toying with the idea of using solid state drives for a while. They are supposed to give much higher speeds, but I have had reservations with respect to their durability/reliability. The hybrid drives sound very interesting and another area to explore, so if Dyfet does get more info, I'll be looking for it.

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