Story: Twitter Hashtag Inventor Explains Why Patenting It Would Have Been The Wrong Thing To DoTotal Replies: 1
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Dec 05, 2013
9:58 PM EDT
according to this the hashtag was not patented out of goodwill and generosity, which, while it may well be the case, makes it sound like that there actually was anything patentable here.

i don't know, but i am afraid this only encourages readers to believe that stuff like this actually is or should be patentable.

i'd strongly object to that. nothing to see here, move along...

greetings, eMBee.

Dec 06, 2013
12:12 AM EDT
Software (on a general use computer) is not supposed to be patent-able, per the US Supreme Court (It's the equivalent of player-piano tape),... The US Circuit Court of Appeals, on the other hand, ignore them, because they think they are smarter (but their decisions are asinine)... Politicos are in the pocket of big business, which wants them patent-able so that they can wage their petty patent wars and stifle innovation. Greed wins,... everyone else loses.

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