Story: A Very Linux ChristmasTotal Replies: 5
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Dec 24, 2013
2:24 PM EDT
I feel a heart-felt christmas story coming on.....

Dec 24, 2013
2:44 PM EDT
That's what's worth celebrating.

Not sky fairies, not statues with lots of arms or monsters made of spaghetti that fly.

Great people doing awesome things for their fellows. That's real and it makes a difference.

Merry Christmas to all!

Dec 24, 2013
5:51 PM EDT
Merry Christmas all. Hope all is well with everyone.

Dec 24, 2013
6:32 PM EDT
Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.......and thankyou, one and all for being so supportive, encouraging, laughter sharing and coming up with so much information. It's pretty humbling to be one of such an incredible team...... but it's an unforgettable and enriching experience I would never have missed.

Dec 25, 2013
7:44 AM EDT
santa claus lives!

greetings, eMBee.

Dec 25, 2013
10:20 PM EDT
Merry Christmas to all LXer readers everywhere.

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