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Dec 26, 2013
6:20 PM EDT
It's a marvellous article, but I did a search on the word "Austral" and there is but one mention: Wotif, an Australian hotel booking website.

Reported Australian government or education department usage: nil. It's sad but true: Australia is still locked into the Windows universe despite being linked enormously to one of the largest aggregations of Linux in the world, SE Asia and India.

How to change this lock-in ? I've tried several times, but never got anywhere. Politicians either don't understand the need, or worse, don't want to understand the need. I've said before that the biggest problem of all is the IT advisory departments in the various governments which are all stacked with Microsoft supporters and moles...The advice that they give is obvious: stay with Windows and pay the licence fees. Linux is too hard and only meant for geeks. Telstra nearly jumped onto the FOSS wagon several years ago, but Microsoft pulled out all the stops and sucessfully prevented it.....even, if I recall, Ballmer cancelling a skiing trip and making a special trip to Australia.

My hope is Android.....and the younger generation who will force change.

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