I have to agree

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Jan 01, 2014
4:43 AM EDT
I really have to agree. I notice more people could care less about windows. I personally haven't cared since windows 95 and haven't given any of my money to microsoft since wind95

Jan 01, 2014
8:38 AM EDT
Yet, I still keep a working XP system around, jes in case. Such an "in case" situation arose jes before Xmas. I'd gutted my old XP/Slack dual boot box and installed 14.1. Suddenly, I realized I needed an arduino IDE and it was on my old XP box and an old 13.37 box I'd also tossed. Sure, I coulda put it on my 14.1 box, given an extra week, but I needed it yesterday. So, dusted off a rarely used eee netbook with XP and did the dastardly deed in an hour. I've got a virgin OEM copy of XP around here, somewhere, jes forget where. I've been using linux as my primary OS for almost 14 yrs, but having a working Windows box handy does not pain me one bit. ;)

Jan 01, 2014
4:44 PM EDT
You and I think along similar lines Notbob. I have an antique Lenovo laptop running on WinXP that I would not part with, due to some rather odd software it contains.....It's slower, but does the job. Needless to say, it gets flashed up only on odd occasions when it does its job while I am doing something else. It simply does NOT normally get attached to the internet unless there are very special reasons and the antivirus base is always the first thing done. It's never used for emails and not for indiscriminate browsing. Windows works quite reliably when it is treated as a "stand alone system" but I always get nervous - is it BSOD this time around ?

Jan 01, 2014
9:26 PM EDT
> Yet, I still keep a working XP system around, jes in case.

I have both working XP and Windows 7 machines here, simply because I need Windows for work. But when possible I've found that I prefer to run Windows in a virtual machine. Now that I've managed to get KVM and AQEMU working on my Slackware machine, I may be able to get a virtual Windows 7 machine set up. I've had a virtual XP machine for ages.

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