They are not rivals and never have been

Story: Red Hat Embraces Rival CentOSTotal Replies: 2
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Jan 09, 2014
1:54 PM EDT
CentOS has always been a complement to RHEL. For example, if a company has in-house Linux experts at their main facility they will likely use CentOS. If they have a district office somewhere without a lot of support, Red Hat will be happy to support RHEL for them at that site. This agreement just augments the notion that CentOS and RHEL are completely compatible.

Jan 09, 2014
6:00 PM EDT
There are probably MILLIONS of CentOS installations out there, and it makes a whole lot of sense for Red Hat to do whatever it can to bring them into the tent.

Jan 09, 2014
8:57 PM EDT
Hasn't Red Hat long acknowledged that, basically, CentOS functions as free marketing for Red Hat?

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