"Screen Shots" hardly more than Background images

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Feb 10, 2014
1:05 PM EDT
Far better would have been images of the project's home pages.

Having static screen grabs of the empty desktop, which shows nothing but the tool bar and a background image, is rather pointless.

Feb 10, 2014
5:11 PM EDT
I had written all the text and was about to hit publish and thought that it would be a good idea to break it up a bit with a few images. They are really not much more than a bit of window dressing.

I have had a few negative comments over the picture of the girl in the opensuse image but positive comments on the sonic image. They are all just background images that I have used in the past couple of years.

The best artwork I have seen was produced for the fuduntu project.

Feb 10, 2014
5:15 PM EDT
Ah! Thanks, Gary, they do make sense as window dressing.

Forgive me, please, the OP came out much less polite than I intended.

Why would anyone object to the picture of a pretty woman? That's silly. None of the backgrounds communicated slanted or insulting materials. Make one a picture of a handsome man, to balance it out. :^)

Let me re-iterate what I was trying to say: Desktops which show nothing of the install except the basic tool-bar aren't providing much information.

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