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Feb 19, 2014
8:51 PM EDT

Feb 20, 2014
9:35 AM EDT
Last night, I wanted to print a .xlsx spreadsheet sent to me. I opened it in LibreOffice, it opened just fine. I selected the tab I wanted to print, and wanted to see the "print preview".

It showed 4 pages, numbered 0,1,2,3. When I printed it, only the first three were printed.

I cannot say that this was a xlsx vs ODF conflict. What I can say is that this is the kind of piddling little stuff that makes LibreOffice look bad.

Feb 20, 2014
10:36 AM EDT
I hope you filed a bug report.

We end users can contribute to the improvement of Free Software by reporting issues as soon as we notice them. In my experience, completely described bug reports are quickly fixed and we are all winners.

Feb 20, 2014
10:43 AM EDT
Penguinist, it would be a waste of time. I'm using Debian Stable, it's not the latest version.

I agree, not only are bugs fixed quickly, and publicly, but there is no "expense" to upgrading to the latest version at any time, unlike the proprietary office suites.

Feb 20, 2014
10:56 AM EDT
My biggest problem with LibreOffice these days is that the data charts it produces in general just look awful compared to what Microsoft Excel and even Google Docs produces by default.

Anyone know of a way to get decent looking ones produced by LibreOffice?

Feb 20, 2014
10:07 PM EDT
@Bob_R: You can load in the latest LibreOffice just fine on Debian Stable. The worst that can happen is having to tear out the "desktop integration" (menu entries etc) of the currently-loaded version to make room, and that's only if you're doing an in-major_point-upgrade. I have versions 3.6 and 4.2 both loaded on my Sparky machine, and intend to keep it that way (because v4.x has all the new shiny but it drops support for Word6 which recruiters still dote on last I checked). The procedure is simple: download and unpack the tarballs, run sudo dpkg -i *.deb on all the just-exposed packages, and you're done. Last I checked, this even works on my comfy old Mepis8.0 machine from back when Stable meant Debian 5.

Feb 20, 2014
11:58 PM EDT

Where does that install the new packages?

In opt? Or scattered through the regular file system? Do you need to fiddle with update-alternatives?

Feb 21, 2014
2:24 AM EDT

Both "imported" branches of LO reside in /opt. No idea on update-alternatives as I haven't had occasion to dig that deep into Debian package mechanics. I have assumed that, when a new update comes out, I'll repeat the process (and maybe tear out some desktop-integration in so doing).

Feb 21, 2014
2:57 AM EDT
@cr: Thanks.

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