This surprises?!?!

Story: Windows 8 Update Might Delete GRUB2 and Set UEFI to Secure BootTotal Replies: 3
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Mar 25, 2014
11:16 PM EDT
This surprises?!?! I just spent the last 24 hrs creating a VM of Win7-64bit on my Kubuntu laptop, with updates basically hogging the hard drive usage, failing to take, having to be re-done, and the sound not working (virtual or actual ac97 sound chipset not recognized by 64-bit Win7)... If I didn't need the Win7 VM for an online post-bac degree program I'm working on,... I'd have just given up... Everyone knows that MS doesn't play nice in the sandbox...

Mar 26, 2014
9:08 AM EDT
Windows 8 just sucks in every imaginable way.

"Use Windows it just works."

There has always been a word missing from that sentence:

"Use Windows it just about works"......

Last week I was in a hotel and I needed directions to a company, so I used my wife's laptop which is running Windows 8.

I had 20 minutes of battery life left and my wife hadn't brought the power supply. Logged on to the net as quickly as I could (hotel WIFI was awful). Message pops up "Windows will restart in 60 seconds to install important updates". End result was that the battery died before I could look up the address.

Why does Windows do that? Why does it tell you that it is going to reboot without giving you the option to postpone until later.

The XBOX does the same thing. I get but a few hours a week in front of the XBOX and you can guarantee I just sit down to play FIFA or GTA and the XBOX says that I need to install an update, and they are never small.

Mar 26, 2014
2:11 PM EDT
"Use Windows, it just (insures that a high school graduate lackey with a bogus cert) works."

There,... FTFY.

Mar 31, 2014
3:04 PM EDT
While I bought Windows 8 laptop for my family members before, they don't use linux, so I just bought a Lenovo laptop and it was the first for me. There were some shenanigans, I guess its common knowledge now but it was new for me.

Couldn't install linux with that UEFI, issues with booting portable drives. Couldn't access the files in the drive that come with the laptop, I guess whatever Windows 8 protection it use prevented it. On top of that, Lenovo add their own shenanigans in the form of locked bios, which prevent you from upgrading to a different network card model, the one that came with the laptop was faulty, so I had to download a modified bios. I knew many manufacturers does this, but I didn't expect it from Lenovo, I didn't think they still do these stuff in 2014. So my next PC I'm buying or recommending won't be from them.

Also Windows 8.1 failed to print wirelessly to legacy Canon Printer model after correct IP and port configuration, while its working fine on 7. Installing drivers and unsigned drivers on it is a nightmare too.

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