Where's Win95? Win3.1?

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Mar 26, 2014
8:44 AM EDT
Or even DOS 6?

Mar 26, 2014
8:48 AM EDT
But seriously, what I'd like to see (or have available to people who can actually read it) is the source to StarFlight. What those programmers did on two floppy disks was spectacular!

Mar 26, 2014
9:10 AM EDT
I would like the source code to all the Sinclair Spectrum games just for novelty value.

Mar 26, 2014
11:11 AM EDT
Another thing that would be fun to do, would be to get the source code for CPM and run it in an emulated environment. (Was CPM source ever released?)

To make the emulation realistic, of course, you would need to introduce delays during floppy disk accesses in order to emulate the feel of computer systems in that era. Some clickity-clackity sound effects during disk accesses would earn extra geek points. Remember the whining sound that you heard during disk-seek while the worm gear moved the head to the selected track?

Ahhh, the nostalgia. The days when your entire OS and development tool chain fit nicely in 360KB of storage.

(In contrast, I'm posting this from an ultrabook that is nearly running out of space on its 250GB ssd drive.)

Mar 26, 2014
11:23 AM EDT
> Was CPM source ever released?


Mar 26, 2014
12:09 PM EDT
jdixon, great link.

I recognized a few things on that page in addition to the OS. I recall using asm80 and link in my toolchain. Also a version of Forth was available on CP/M which gave us a convenient interpreted scripting language.

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