And what of Win8.1 royalties?!?!

Story: Microsoft frisks yet another Android gear maker for patent doshTotal Replies: 2
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Mar 27, 2014
12:23 PM EDT
And what of Win8.1 royalties?!?! With millions of dollars from MS to help sure them up just a short time ago, plus a business built on making lower and lower margin PC hardware, I'm sure that Dell didn't insist on lower OEM rates for MS OSes as part of the deal... [Is my sarcasm detectable?!?!] ... "Ok, OK,... You agree to ink a deal saying that you're paying patent extortion fees for Linux based OSes, and we'll reduce your OEM cost for Windows by 15%,... Net gain for you... Deal?!?!"... I'm sure it went something like that...

Mar 27, 2014
8:11 PM EDT
I've just checked all my dictionaries, and not found a single one that lists 'to frisk' as a synonym for 'to extort'.

Perhaps this article should be forwarded to the editors of the OED?

Mar 28, 2014
2:07 PM EDT

IOW, "scam."

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