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Apr 01, 2014
5:43 AM EDT
Gary, I certainly do play a couple of them, daily - and so does my wife. KMahjong.....love it, despite it being unbelieveably frustrating coupled with the fact that I rarely manage to get a win. KPatience as KDE4 presents the "ferschlugginer" thing, definitely not - I find it very unpleasant to use......On the other hand, I most definitely DO play the KDE3.5 version all the time, and so does my wife. I wrote of my frustration with the latest KDE patience package and indicated that the original patience package was much better:


As for KMines and Sudoku....nope. I find that the daily newspaper gives me my 24 hour fix of a hard level of playing sudoku and that's sufficient, so I have never touched the Sudoku package. Reversi ? What's that ?

To be honest, the main games I thoroughly enjoy (and so does my wife) are in the KDE3.5 games package: Simple Simon and Spider.......all the rest can be dumped as far as I am concerned. Curiously, Freecell is the other one we both like, BUT..........we both prefer the WinXP version running in Wine.........you have to have both freecell.exe and cards.dll on the desktop before the Wine system will allow you to drag and drop the Freecell icon (exe file) onto the Wine start icon and get the program running......but then it's perfect.

Interestingly, the other WinXP card game I'd love to have running is Hearts.....the old "Rickety Kate" game which resembles either 500 or bridge, but you have to LOSE every trick.....So far, I haven't had any luck in getting a version of the WinXP software running.....but then I haven't been trying very hard.

Okay.......so the short answer is: Yes, there are some items in the KDE games package that we like and play on a daily basis, but not many.

Apr 01, 2014
5:54 AM EDT
Actually, the games package is one of the few KDE programs that gets any use on my machine. I mostly play Freecell and Sudoku.

Apr 01, 2014
6:57 AM EDT
Hearts. Now that is a great game. We used to play network hearts in the office for money when I worked at IBM.

The truth is that if I have game time available I will instantly jump on the OUYA or XBOX. I never really use my computer for gaming.

The games are perfectly good games though and infuriatingly addictive. I was always a minesweeper fan.


Apr 01, 2014
7:19 AM EDT
Oooooo........you are awful Gary......but I like you........... as Dick Emery would say (you are dragging me into revealing all my old foibles). Minesweeper was a special favourite of mine, but in particular, the WinXP versions......and that is ALSO very easy to get going in Wine.........It's odd, but I like the "old" versions, not the prettied up versions that now appear. A sign of my advancing years ????

Apr 01, 2014
8:01 AM EDT
> A sign of my advancing years ????

Probably, but mostly a sign of declining vision. :) The older versions had plainer and more easily distinguishable designs.

Apr 01, 2014
9:19 AM EDT
Jdixon........how could you ? You have cast nasturtiums.....I mean "aspersions"........on my sight and by association, implications on my abilities during my declining years. You realise, of course, that this means war ?!?!?! LOL :-)

Actually, without any silly business on my part, the answer to that is "no"......my eyesight is 100% excellent.......Two cataract operations and I have eyesight that is "aircraft pilot certificate" level. I am a walking advert for optical surgeon intervention that has been so remarkably successful that I could go on bended knees each day and thank heavens for the skill of the man who gave me superb vision for the rest of my life.

The true reason is that I definitely do like the simpler designs, but I also like the crisp, clear moves without any "decorative stuff" that is supposed to make it so much better. If it ain't broke, you don't fix it - but software developers do just that all the time.

Apr 01, 2014
9:43 AM EDT
I never play any of 'em. I'd like it better if there were no games pre-installed in KDE.

Apr 01, 2014
1:52 PM EDT
> You realise, of course, that this means war ?!?!?! LOL :-)

Fortunately we have a large moat between us. :) Otherwise I might be in trouble.

However, I'm pleased that the surgery was as successful as it apparently was. That's always good news.

Apr 01, 2014
1:53 PM EDT
Quoting:I never play any of 'em. I'd like it better if there were no games pre-installed in KDE.

Surprisingly, some persons still prefer installing and enjoying the console-based BSD games.

From the About.com's bsdgames page:
Quoting:Definition: bsdgames: collection of text games from BSD systems This is a collection of some of the text-based games and amusements that have been enjoyed for decades on unix systems. Includes these programs: adventure, arithmetic, atc, backgammon, battlestar, bcd, boggle, caesar, canfield, countmail, cribbage, fish, gomoku, hangman, hunt, mille, monop, morse, number, pig, phantasia, pom, ppt, primes, quiz, random, rain, robots, sail, snake, tetris, trek, wargames, worm, worms, wump, wtf.

Note the obvious fact that the BSD games do not require any specific Window Manager or Desktop Environment (e.g., KDE).


Apr 01, 2014
2:06 PM EDT
I haven't dabbled in the BSD games since I was running a BSD. I thought those would be in Linux by default, but it looks like they're not.

Fedora does package them (http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=141...) as does Debian (http://packages.debian.org/stable/games/bsdgames)

Apr 01, 2014
2:36 PM EDT
> I thought those would be in Linux by default, but it looks like they're not....

They are with Slackware, though it may not be a complete set.

Apr 01, 2014
2:38 PM EDT
My mother plays KDE's Klondike.

Apr 02, 2014
8:43 AM EDT
I play 'em -- mainly AisleRiot and Kmahjonng -- when I'm stuck on a long conference call (where my tapping away on my Model M would be annoying to others), I'm on hold, or during the commercials while I'm waiting for something to download while watching the tube.

Apr 02, 2014
5:21 PM EDT
Another delightful "mahjong like game" is the tile matching one called Shisen-Sho. Very nice and can be made extremely difficult or as easy as you please. It's also another one my wife loves to play.

Apr 04, 2014
8:28 PM EDT
Reversi is Othello. I used to play KDE games once upon a time.

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