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Apr 25, 2014
6:04 AM EDT
If only it happens........the damage to Redmond's cash flow would be considerable; but best of all, the Chinese would attain computer freedom. Microsoft can be depended upon to do anything to prevent loss of this market. They did it to a single large firm, Telstra, in Australia, so I am sure they will "pull out all the stops" for an entire country.

I suspect that in about 50 years, the truth will be common-place: during its hegemony, Microsoft did so much damage to the progress and development of IT that it's name will be reviled; but that's just my take on the matter.

Apr 25, 2014
7:24 AM EDT
If memory serves me right (( and up to you to prove me wrong )), Microsoft has made Chineese users ( or was it university students ) an offer of $5.- for XP and $5.- for Office . That was several years ago.

I forgot the rest of the story.

I wouldn't be surprised if they pull another stunt like that. ( ? )

If they shoot themselves in the foot ( financial ) doesn't seem to be important, as long as you ( linux) ""don't"" get a piece of the pie

Apr 26, 2014
11:52 AM EDT
Correct, Francy. Ostensibly, it was an attempt to stem "piracy." Of course, the rest of the world pointed out that, if it's worth what you pay for it, then even by M$'s "standards," Windows was worth only about $5.

Apr 26, 2014
2:35 PM EDT
And the Chinese were overcharged.

Apr 26, 2014
8:39 PM EDT
It will happen.

I personally don't think that the reasons will even have much to do with the technology.

I would argue that most of the appeal of Microsoft Windows in China is, that Windows is what the rest of the "developed" world or "advanced" nations (especially the USA) are using. Windows is the "cool" thing, the talisman of sophistication and prestige. But as China continues its path to being a fully developed nation (whatever that means), and becomes a science and technology leader, while the USA continues its slow slide in the other direction, the attractiveness of Windows will diminish (and of course, Windows attractiveness will not be helped by the fact that Windows isn't as good an OS, isn't as flexible and adaptable to the user's needs, and isn't as thoroughly entrenched as "the" legacy infrastructure as it is in "Western" nations).

Other nations (asian and otherwise) would follow a similar course... people like to follow the leader...

Of course, I could just be waving my ignorance in the breeze for all to see...

Apr 27, 2014
3:10 AM EDT
> I could just be waving my ignorance in the breeze for all to see

I won't say ignorance but passionate wishful thinking.

Unfortunately, the world is run by money before anything else, you know that, we make war for money, buying some decision makers in China is just a kids' game. Red Flag Linux is no more, isin't it ?

Apr 27, 2014
4:18 PM EDT
I certainly wouldn't call Windows "cool" on any level. MacOS is "cool." Windows is merely tolerated due to inertia.

Apr 30, 2014
10:59 AM EDT
BernardSwiss: i'd like to agree with you, but i am not sure about windows not being "as thoroughly entrenched" over here. after all china is the last country where IE6 still has 20% market share.

greetings, eMBee

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