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May 13, 2014
4:40 AM EDT
Oh, it's a nice precis of the event, but there's no link to the WattOS homepage, or the download page, or the changelog... none. And that's broken.

May 14, 2014
2:24 PM EDT

I agree that this is a nice summary of the new WattOS r8 release. OTOH, it seems to me that the article is not exactly clickbait, although Zwetslot DOES omit any helpful wattos links. Here are some super useful links all abt this new distro rel: , ,

Furthermore, it also seems to me that now that WattOS has come out of the Babooon2 Dark Side, it will be another interesting distro to use for lowHW PC's.


May 14, 2014
5:41 PM EDT
Ah, ... how should I word this? What exactly is the Fluffer in Your Beer? Are we speaking of the mundane phenomena of surfactant action on pouring, i.e. Foam?

Or a more pertinent question:
Quoting: [...] come out of the Babooon2 Dark Side [...]

So do you implicitly admit by that statement it has a Light Side? If so does it waft of Mint?


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