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Story: Linux users rejoice, here’s Ubuntu on the Surface Pro 3Total Replies: 2
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Jun 02, 2014
7:29 PM EDT
Quoting:The good news is that it seems like there are only a few small things in between a Linux user and a decent Surface Pro 3 experience

Unfortunately, this is usually the case with Linux and any hardware.

Jun 02, 2014
7:42 PM EDT
Things like fingertips, undersized icons, bad assumptions by the programmers...

Jun 03, 2014
12:45 AM EDT
The Surface Pro isn't too terribly different in terms of internal hardware from the original Dell Inspiron Duo, save the horsepower of the CPU,... THAT was a great experience out of the box,... But it was bad follow through on the part of Linux kernel developers and distro developers that let that machine fall through the cracks on subsequent releases... I have yet to try mine (older Dell Duo) with an updated distro to see what's broken...

The problem is that MS is always working to prevent Linux from running on hardware that they have any involvement in (Viliv machines, a defunct MS "partner",... Anyone?!?!)... And for the part of kernel/distro developers, they tend to only fix the hardware bits that are more mainstream. That leaves a lot of Linux fans out of using cool, state of the art hardware (touchscreens, some Wifi/Bluetooth chipsets, card readers at 100%, GPS chipsets, tilt sensors, power saving features, etc.)... At least without a fair bit of hacking...

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