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Jun 11, 2014
3:29 AM EDT
I think it was a good decision to include a non-PAE version. I get asked quite frequently which distros support non-PAE.

Does anyone know when PAE became the norm and how old the machines without it are likely to be?

Jun 11, 2014
9:04 AM EDT
> Does anyone know when PAE became the norm and how old the machines without it are likely to be?

Jun 11, 2014
10:09 AM EDT
Quoting:Does anyone know when PAE became the norm and how old the machines without it are likely to be?

It seems that the majority of current machines most likely to be without PAE processors are those machines with 400 MHz-bus versions of the Pentium M CPU. As quoted in the above link:
Quoting:PAE is supported by Intel Pentium Pro and later Pentium-series processors except most 400 MHz-bus versions of the Pentium M.

One list of Pentium M processors -- including those not supporting the PAE's -- are at the 'List of Intel Pentium M microprocessors' Wikipedia piece, found at


Jun 11, 2014
11:02 AM EDT
Even if you don't care for Enlightenment, our non-PAE disc is a method for getting 14.04 onto older systems.


Jun 11, 2014
3:12 PM EDT
Even 400MHz bus versions of the Pentium M processors actually are capable of PAE; they just don't properly advertise the ability. You can make them work with a PAE kernel by using fake-pae. The fake-pae software won't work with older processors that are not actually capable of PAE (Edit: I actually find the name a bit ironic since fake-pae actually reveals 'real PAE').

Pretty much all mainstream x86 based processors made since the middle of 1999 are capable of PAE. The only things you have to watch out for are those 400MHz bus Pentium M machines, and possibly some oddball x86 made by Cyrix or VIA.

Jun 11, 2014
3:44 PM EDT
I don't think there are a lot of non-PAE kernels out there, so you're really helping people out by making this Bodhi image available.

For Debian users, there appear to be a 486 non-PAE kernels available for Wheezy and Jessie

Jun 11, 2014
7:33 PM EDT
I have an old 1.2GHz Pentium-M ULV 753 based laptop (400 MHz bus) that officially supports PAE (advertised in the cpuinfo flags) and works fine with a PAE kernel without any workarounds, so it's not true that all 400 MHz bus Pentium-Ms don't support PAE, probably only the 'Banias' (first gen.) Pentium-Ms lack PAE support.

Jun 13, 2014
6:10 PM EDT
CFWhitman: Transmeta Crusoe processors, which are early 21st century, are non-PAE as well. I have an old Toshiba Libretto that has one of those processors. It still runs Linux well enough.

Jun 16, 2014
8:54 AM EDT
Well, yes. I suppose I should have added, 'or any other manufacturer that is not Intel or AMD,' to my last sentence, since that was what I intended to convey.

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