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Jun 14, 2014
11:22 AM EDT
If this freaky-deaky cluster-fsck is not an indication of jes how severely gobble is NOT your friend and jes how evil they can truly be, then I don't know what is. I would rather go into debt for an iphone than support gobble in any shape or form. I will NOT buy any ad-roid device, use gobble search, or in any way support this increasingly destructive company.

How much longer before you MUST own/drive a driverless car? How much longer before you MUST submit to full time gobble glass scrutiny? Honestly, I see gobble as the next monsanto and will do all in my power to thwart them.


Jun 14, 2014
4:19 PM EDT

Is this the thread you meant to post in?

(I'm thinking this comment might actually have been aimed at the article on the OnePlus One CyanogenMod smartphone)

Jun 14, 2014
5:28 PM EDT
Yeah,... Amazon's ridiculous patent has nothing to do with Google... Unless you're saying they're all in a vast conspiracy...

Jun 14, 2014
5:39 PM EDT
By the way,... I don't see how the Cyanogen Mod phone is an indictment on Google,... After all, Android is open source, and the Cyanogen Mod folks have harvested all Android's Open Source goodness without paying a dime in royalties to Goog (to the best of MY knowledge, anyway)... And if you don't think Apple monitors your purchases, cooperates with the NSA, or tries to put the strangle hold on your electronic freedom,... I've got a bridge that connects some choice property in metropolitan New York to sell you,...

Jun 14, 2014
7:07 PM EDT
Hey Not Bob Again,

You are confused Again, it's Amazon* ... you know the river in the Southern reaches (of no return). The one that no longer allows early purchase of "selected" books and DVDs by surgically removing the Buy Buttons. And puts you on hold forever once you can buy them anywhere - that, I am told are all female warriors doing. Last I checked the Google Boys had no party to that. So bitting into the Apple might not be the best approach for revenge.

About the Bridge JaseP is trying to sell you, let me advise you to avoid his crooked deal and deal with someone known to be reliable and to be upstanding and to be a follower of the American way of War everywhere ... etc., etc.

However, I can only sell you shares, it is far too expensive to buy up fully by any individual, even Billionaires could not foot the bill. But for you I will cut you in. [PM me when you are ready to buy.]

As always,


* Warning: all this should be fact checked, Wikipedia style. Early draft, may contain significant errors.

Jun 14, 2014
8:57 PM EDT
Hadda senior moment in tow behind a hangover. Admittedly, I targeted the wrong dirtbag, but my sentiments remain unchanged. ;)

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