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Jun 22, 2014
12:23 PM EDT
This article about seven essential things that will make Linux ready for world domination is little more than one single user's collection of pet peeves. So Linux isn't quite there yet because it doesn't show thumbnails on the desktop pager and he doesn't like the menu layout? Really?!? The traditional menu seems to have worked wonderfully for Windows for the past nineteen years and look what happened when Microsoft tried to remove it in Windows 8.

Trust me, if enough Linux users edited video then there would be a great open source video editor. If this author doesn't like what's out there why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is and write a good video program himself. Ditto for a document processor. Most people find LibreOffice to be just fine thank you; others run Microsoft Office in WINE.

And what's up with color coded title bars or icon fences being a much needed killer Linux feature?!? Everyone works with his or her computer in a unique way. What one user thinks is utterly essential, many more users would find either useless, annoying or idiotic.

Jun 22, 2014
9:36 PM EDT
cmost wrote:little more than one single user's collection of pet peeves
he exactly says so in the last paragraph.

so you are right, it is his personal pet-peeves. (i happen to share a few of them, most notably the applications menu, but i also agree with the others at least as good ideas)

he also doesn't claim that these would the killer features we need, but rather says:
bruce wrote:As an all-purpose desktop, Linux arrive some years ago

as for the menu, just because it worked, doesn't mean it's good. windows worked too. people are just to resistant to change. that's not necessarily bad, but it doesn't prove there is no better way to do things. the lack of linux popularity is a proof of that.

i find the menu horribly inefficient. i have to take a long time to find anything. way to long. when i am busy working, taking a long time to find something is a distraction. for those applications where i know the name, it is much faster to type them out on a commandline than trying to find them in a menu.

despite all the bad things said about unity, i find its replacement for the menu an improvement. i like large icons too, they are fast to reach (fitts law)

greetings, eMBee. (edit to fix quote tags)

Jun 23, 2014
11:32 AM EDT
Improve as much as you like, innovate with a hundred years advance, without a company marketing it as a product capable of generating revenue streams to multiple instances, you'll never see Linux in every office. Bucks, that's what make things happen.

And I am amazed to see many Linux users shouting at Canonical while it's the only company trying to market the beast to the general consumer (let's put aside Red Hat whose target is business companies).

Android did it because it can generate $$$ indirectly.

Jun 23, 2014
12:36 PM EDT
> And I am amazed to see many Linux users shouting at Canonical while it's the only company trying to market the beast to the general consumer

Well, they were. As far as I can tell that's gone by the wayside.

Jun 23, 2014
5:57 PM EDT
I felt much the same way when I was editing this article for LXer, cmost. "One man's meat is another man's poison" came very much to mind.

I'd mention one other thing though, which is strictly my take on the matter: Trinity's launch menu. The version of KDE4 I am currently using (in classic menu mode) has software options that are easily viewable.....but try the same thing in Trinity and you are almost overwhelmed by the complexity of the "offerings". I like classic mode, but I think Trinity has gone, in my opinion, a bit toooooo far with offering choices. I think it's an area that needs pruning to reduce it to visually manageable proportions with mostly "commonly used software" remaining. However, leave some sort of advice list on the Trinity page that says: here's what you can install from our repository IF you want it. But, one man's meat.......and other users may be quite happy with that complexity.

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