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Jun 30, 2014
8:51 PM EDT
Well I guess if the taskbar is on the bottom then an OS must resemble Windows XP. I didn't think this OS resembled XP at all in fact Linux Mint does a much better job of creating a desktop familiar to Windows users.

Jun 30, 2014
11:54 PM EDT
> Mint does a much better job of creating a desktop familiar to Windows users.....

I finally got Tails Linux working. It asks if you want to make Tails emulate Windows. As a goof, I said yes. Sucker looks so much like Windows, the start button has the Windows logo and the browser (iceweasel) uses the IE icon. I thought I had done something wrong and my eee had rebooted to XP! ;)

Jul 02, 2014
5:17 PM EDT

Really?!? That's cool! I didn't realize Tails had that feature.

Jul 02, 2014
9:00 PM EDT
Yes. I've not had too much time to mess with it, what with my mom currently in hospital w/ broken hip, but it IS a goof. Not sure how tails gets past M$ copyrights, but it looks exactly like Windows, near as I can tell. Plus, I wanna try tails on a LAN other than my own. Asked, and the hospital confirmed they have wifi. (evil grin)

Bummer aside:

For the life of me, I could not get Tails installed on a flash drive using my Slack 14.1 box. Tails' "manual linux install" is a waste of cpu cycles. Unetbooin has NEVER worked for me. I finally hadda format a key on my eee XP (x86-64 vfat), load all necessary files from my slack box --I'll not take Windows online!-- and xfer the files to my eee XP netbook. Using's UUI installer and the tails iso, I finally achieved success and Tails boots from my Sandisk Cruzer 8G key, flawlessly. Despite what tails sez about Sandisk, it's a very good key once you delete the U3/Launchpad partition using Sandisk's own utility (from Windows, of course). ;)


Jul 03, 2014
9:34 AM EDT
> Unetbooin has NEVER worked for me.

Try Yumi. I've had far better luck with it than with Unetbootin. You'll also find it at pendrivelinux:

The only problem I had with it was that I couldn't install Debian from it, since Debian looked for it's installation files in the root directory of the thumb drive and that's not where Yumi puts them.

Now, I haven't tried it since the 2.x version came out, so YMMV.

Jul 03, 2014
8:46 PM EDT
> Really?!? That's cool! I didn't realize Tails had that feature

When you boot from a USB key and let it auto boot (5 secs), it will take you to a simple gui that queries if you want advance features and provides yes/no choice. Yes will take you to another gui that offers the XP desktop emulation and asks if you want yer MAC address spoofed. The MAC spoof is set to yes by default. The next release will provide a W8 desktop.

Tails is a bit slow, but that's to be considered as it runs soley off the key. At least it's not Slax-on-a-key slow, though. Only prob is, zero persistence. You hafta reset every preference you want every time you boot. I'm happy with jes setting the touchpad to click with a tap and scroll. Also, claws (email, nntp) and pidgin (IM, IRC) are pretty alien to me. I'm still scratching my head over those two.

Overall, I find tails to be the best run-from-a-key Linux distro I've ever tried on my eee netbook. I finally hadda buy a netbook protective cover, dig out my 35 yr old book bag to haul it and the AC adptr around, and can now hang at the coffee shop with the other lap-flies. Definitely a keeper. ;)

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