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Jan 05, 2017
12:58 PM EDT
TLS support was added only half a year ago in version 2.10, that means, most linux distributions won't have that yet. (fedora 25 is on version 2.5, i'll have to revisit it when fedora 26 is out)

the other drawback is that it can only download one file at a time.

that said, there are a few things i like compared to aria2 which i use for now:

it splits up files of any size by default, aria2 splits to no smaller than 20MB unless specified.

it uses multiple connections by default. aria2 only uses one connection per server unless specified.

a 20MB file, axel splits into 4 connections.

to get the same behavior in aria2 i need to run: aria2c -x4 -k5M ... if i want to split more than 5 i need: aria2c -x16 -s16 -k1M ...

axel will also do more connections if specified. aria2 does not allow more than 16 per server. axel happily allowed me to do 100 :-) though i could not get any speed gain with that. 16 connections was enough to max out any available bandwidth.

greetings, eMBee.

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