Looking forward to a new FreeBSD desktop project

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Feb 14, 2021
4:13 PM EST
So many FreeBSD desktop projects have ended over the years, it's nice to see a new one.

I have come closest to having a BSD desktop with OpenBSD, but my last try with that one ended poorly when I couldn't consistently run Chromium (lots of crashes).

I couldn't even get a working GUI in NetBSD. I didn't try FreeBSD this last time around -- maybe I should have.

Feb 17, 2021
4:29 PM EST
I really like FreeBSD and I would be using it as my daily driver except for being unable to access my Citrix desktop at work. I couldn't get Citrix working so I gave up and went back to Linux. Really cool OS though.

I got NetBSD working but always had some sort of issue, found it to be more temperamental with my hardware than Free or Open BSD. I did like the NetBSD installer though, although I think the OpenBSD installer might be the easiest if you don't need to do any complex partitioning.

Feb 21, 2021
12:57 PM EST
I had a time when I had to use Citrix. It works in Linux, but I don't think Citrix works well anywhere.

For almost all installers, I just accept the default partitioning. I did a recent Debian installation where I did everything in one partition because the drive is only 250 MB. The negatives of separate partitions have been overtaking the benefits for me lately. I had a broken Fedora installation where I was able to save the separate /home partition and reinstall, but that didn't work with me with Debian. I had a backup and had to nuke and pave.

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