Konqueror has also been improving

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Feb 11, 2004
9:23 AM EDT
While I have been a constant user and fan of Mozilla Firefox and its previous versions since 2000, I think it's important to mention that the KDE project has been constantly improving Konqueror and providing not one but two viable browser alternatives -- at least on X-Windows.

Feb 11, 2004
9:43 AM EDT
I'm sure that Konqueror is a fine browser.

I didn't review it because I don't use KDE. (Nor GNOME, actually) and I think Mozilla is better positioned for real market acceptance.

All the members on my gardening site, for example, are switching from IE to Firefox, not Konqueror. I like that Konqueror exists, as any monoculture would be bad, including a Firefox monoculture. Still, Mozilla is "where it's at".

best, Dave

Feb 11, 2004
10:22 AM EDT
On both Linux and Windows, I use firefox, but in terms of the future, but I think that potentially, KHTML, not Gecko, may become the dominant "alternate" renderer.

I base this in the rapid development of Safari and Webcore. The changes between Webcore 1.1 and 1.2, especially, are quite astonishing.

Of course, KHTML would be needed to be ported to Windows, where the market that matters is.

Feb 11, 2004
7:40 PM EDT
Is Konqueror even available for windows? I doubt that most people if they have not used Linux even know what Konqueror is. On the other hand Mozzilla has been a good alternative to IE for quite a while. I can't say whether I like Konqueror better or not. I've not used it or Firefox/Firebird enough to make that decision. I played around with Mozzila browsers for quite some time but have never made the switch totally. Although the latest Firefox is looking really good.

Feb 12, 2004
6:10 PM EDT
Mozilla is getting better. I don't believe your account accurately describes how "Great" Mozilla is. Mozilla has been the "bulkier" "kludgier" browser ever since Netscape 4.78 was replaced by 6.0. Yes, Konqueror is available on Windows, and it's rendering engine - arguably faster, more stable, and most like IE of the big 4 - is making huge headway as Safari on Mac OSX. I like Mozilla's mail client, although I'd still like to see a Calendar/Scheduler. Not sure if I'd swap it for KMail. I know that Mozilla and Gecko are ground-breaking and all. Their code has improved since 1.0 (which was, shall we say, cumbersome). But it sounds more and more like Windows acceptance is Mozilla's great accomplishment. When Linux becomes a prevalent desktop, my bet lies with KHTML and Konqueror. No offense to The Moz guys. They've done a great job. However, as you were mistaken in Mozilla's importance before, I believe you are overdoing it now.

$0.02 ching.

Feb 13, 2004
3:56 AM EDT
Well, imo the important fact I see here is that, regardless of what browser you use people have a CHOICE again. And in the current days of monopolistic vendors, I see that as very important.

Congratulations should be given to the developers of ALL alternative browsers, keep up the excellent work! =)


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