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Feb 22, 2004
7:01 AM EDT
" Since Linux is based on the proven Unix code....." This article is crap..... Linux is based on Minux last time i checked. What did linus say "Linux" was ....hurm...... "Linus' Minux".

If one more person says Linux is Unix ill kill'em starting w/ McBride.....

Feb 22, 2004
3:28 PM EDT
Well. . Linux is based on Unix, but _not_ the Unix code, Linux is based on the Unix philosophy (of course, based isn't the same as 'a copy of').

And isn't it Minix?

Feb 22, 2004
4:32 PM EDT
Well.... its "based" off of minux but is a clone of unix.... based on minux code but a clone of unix get it.....

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