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Story: Debian alert: New Linux 2.4.19 packages fix several local root exploits (mips)Total Replies: 1
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Feb 27, 2004
7:02 PM EDT
The sooner their kernels are updated the better. I just started managing a research department who has standardized on Linux on the desktop.

Dave (if you're listening...) - I listened to your interview at TheLinuxShow, and you said that you're aggregating rss and html screen-scraped feeds. How did you do this one? email scraping?

BTW- I like your site. I'm a fan of linux and php. If you're interested, check out my article at It appeared in the May 2003 edition which is a free download right now. I'm curious about the code behind lxer...

Feb 28, 2004
5:01 AM EDT
Yes, I got this from "email scraping". I'm subscribed to all the announce/alert mailing lists for more of the distributions, and when the mail comes in, procmail automatically sends it to my LXer robot which then makes a decision, checks off the categories, and inserts it into the unposted queue.

Then I edit it to add a lead paragraph, and then approve it. Takes about 15 seconds of my time, total! :)

If you want to talk about the code at LXer go here:

Post any questions to that story and we'll discuss there. :)

best, dave

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