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Mar 01, 2004
2:17 PM EDT
Thanks! I really thing this is a GREAT policy. I would rather read about Linux than SCO.

Can you explain exactly how the voting should work. When should I vote for a story, when should I vote against and when should I not vote at all.


Mar 01, 2004
4:53 PM EDT
The voting works this way:

If you like what you read (you thought it was worth the time to read, and you'd recommend it to others) then click on the green check.

If you thought it was a waste of time, and you didn't like it, and you would not encourage others to read it, click the red X.

Then, readers can sort the homepage by Score, so that the highest rated stories appear at the top, and the lowest are, of course, on the bottom.

If you have no opinion, don't click either.


Mar 01, 2004
10:37 PM EDT
less sco news?


does my stress levels no good at all

something decidedly wrong with the current legal system if they are allowed to behave like this without censure or control

the whole company should be forcibly closed down and the management prosecuted for malicious timewasting

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